Battery Sprayer 20L ZoomX- Double Pump

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Product by CHINA
Product Name BATTERY SPRAYER 20L Double Pump
Applicable Agriculture, Sanitation, Protection of Pests
Power Source Rechargeable Battery 15V 12AH
Gross Weight 5.5 kg
Packing 380*200*500mm



Applicable Chemical weeding, Prevention, Sanitation etc.
Tank capacity 20 L
Working Pressure 2.0- 3.0
Pump Type Electric Pressure Pump
Rechargeable Battery 15V 12AH Lithium Dry Battery
Rotate Speed 1400- 1600 time/min
Working Electricity 1.5- 3A
DC Motor Speed 2800-3200 r/min
DC Motor Diaphragm Pump 15V 1.4A -2A
Spraying Time 4-5 Hours after full Charge
Tank Material PP Durable Plastic, Corrosion Resistant
Pump Double Pump for better performance
Pressure Regulator and filter Yes
Nozzles 3 Types Adjustable
Pump flow 8 Ltr/min
Noise level: 15db
Charging time 2 Hours
Accessories Sprayer, belt, Pipes, nozzles, Extra Spares Parts



Battery sprayers offer several benefits, including increased mobility and convenience compared to manual sprayers. They provide efficient and consistent coverage, reduce physical strain, and are suitable for various applications such as gardening, pest control, and agricultural tasks. Additionally, battery sprayers are often more eco-friendly as they eliminate the need for fuel-powered options, and they can be more cost-effective in the long run.

1. *Portability:* Battery sprayers are highly portable, allowing users to move freely without being tethered to power sources. This enhances convenience and efficiency in various applications.

2. *Ease of Use:* They are user-friendly, eliminating the need for manual pumping. This makes them accessible to a wider range of users and reduces physical strain during extended use.

3. *Consistent Pressure:* Battery sprayers maintain a consistent spray pressure, ensuring uniform distribution of liquids. This consistency contributes to effective coverage and application.

4. *Versatility:* Suitable for diverse tasks such as gardening, pest control, and agricultural applications, battery sprayers are versatile tools that can handle various spraying needs.

5. *Time Efficiency:* Compared to manual sprayers, battery-powered alternatives can save time and effort. Users can cover larger areas more quickly, making them particularly useful for extensive spraying tasks.

6. *Adjustable Settings:* Many battery sprayers come with adjustable settings, allowing users to control the flow rate and spray pattern according to specific requirements.

7. *Reduced Environmental Impact:* Battery-operated sprayers often have a lower environmental impact compared to fuel-powered alternatives. They produce fewer emissions and are generally more eco-friendly.

8. *Cost-Effective:* While the initial cost may be higher than manual sprayers, battery sprayers can be more cost-effective in the long run due to reduced maintenance and operational expenses.

9. *Quiet Operation:* Battery sprayers operate quietly, minimizing noise pollution. This can be advantageous, especially in residential or noise-sensitive environments.

10. *Low Maintenance:* They typically require less maintenance than fuel-powered sprayers, contributing to long-term reliability and cost savings.

These advantages make battery sprayers a popular choice for a wide range of spraying applications.