Brush Cutter 5in1 Denzo 52cc 2 Stroke

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Product by CHINA
Product Name DENZO JAPAN
Brush Cutter Type 2 Stroke 52 CC- 2Kw
Specialty 5 in 1 Multi Task Brush Cutter
Applicable 1 Grass Trimming, 2 Crops Cutting, 3 Brush Cutting, 4 Hedge Trimming, 5 Wood Cutting
Gross Weight 18 Kg
Packing Dimensions LxHxW 45X100X220 X 300 mm
Packing Way One Cartons


Applicable Fields, Crops, Grasses, Hedges, Wood Cutting etc
Engine type 2 stroke, 52CC, 2kw
Speed 8500 RPM
Shaft Sprocket Nose 26mm
Fuel tank capacity: 1200ml
Oil tank Capacity 150ml
Cutter blade 254 mm
Nylon wire Cutting 340 mm
Hedge Cutter 457 mm
Chainsaw Cutting 300 mm
Noise Level 87db
Fuel type Use Mixed Gasoline
Accessories Nylon Head,2Blades, Guards, Belt, Tool kit, trimmer, chainsaw with chain etc.


1. *Versatility:* A 5-in-1 brush cutter combines various functions, including trimming, edging, pruning, and more. This versatility allows users to tackle different landscaping tasks with a single tool.

2. *Cost-Efficiency:* Instead of purchasing multiple individual tools for different tasks, a 5-in-1 brush cutter provides a cost-effective solution, saving money and storage space.

3. *Time-Saving:* Switching between different attachments on a single tool is more efficient than switching between separate tools, ultimately saving time during landscaping projects.

4. *Compact Design:* The compact nature of these tools makes them easier to store and transport, especially for users with limited storage space or those who need to move the equipment between locations.

5. *Adjustable Features:* Many 5-in-1 brush cutters come with adjustable features such as cutting height, angle, and blade options, providing customization based on specific landscaping requirements.

6. *Reduced Maintenance:* Maintaining one multi-functional tool is often more straightforward than managing multiple individual tools, leading to potentially lower maintenance costs and efforts.

7. *Ease of Use:* With a single tool, users only need to familiarize themselves with one set of controls, making it user-friendly and accessible for individuals with varying levels of experience in landscaping.

8. *Improved Precision:* The versatility of attachments allows for more precise and controlled cutting, contributing to the overall quality of landscaping work.

9. *Adaptability:* Whether it’s clearing overgrown areas, shaping hedges, or maintaining lawns, a 5-in-1 brush cutter adapts to different landscaping needs, providing a comprehensive solution for users.

10. *Eco-Friendly:* Efficient use of a single tool can contribute to reducing the overall environmental impact by minimizing the production and disposal of multiple individual tools.