Chain Saw Petrol 22″ Hyundai HCS5800

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Product by HYUNDAI
Product Name CHAIN SAW 22″ HCS 5800
Chain Saw Type 58CC, 2.5kw/3.4hp, 2 Stroke
Applicable Trees, Logs, Firewood etc
Gross Weight 5.4 Kg
Assembeld Dimensions 432X305X255 mm
Packing Way One Carton one Chain & Cover per Piece


Applicable Trees, Logs, Firewood etc
Engine type 58cc, 2.5kw/3.4hp, 2 Stroke
Engine Speed 10500 RPM
Carburetor Hyundai
Chain Bar 22” Hyundai
Chain 22″ Oregon
Saw Chain gauge 0.058”
Saw Chain Pitch 0.375”
Fuel tank capacity: 560ml
Oil tank Capacity 260ml
JASO FD Grade Oil 1:50
JASO FB Grade Oil 1:25
Noise level: 107db
Start method Recoil
Accessories  Chain, Chain Bar, Guard, Tool kit etc.


The modern chainsaw has proven to be one of the most beneficial tools in the forestry and logging industry. Chainsaws are portable tools and use a metal bar of varying length to guide a toothed chain in a circular motion to cut through wood.
Cutting Down Branches and Trees
This is one of the most obvious uses; a chainsaw is an ideal tool for chopping and cutting wood. They are portable and can easily be carried to a stand or ladder to cut down annoying branches
Turning Logs into Lumber
Once a tree is taken down, we need to turn it into usable wood. One can easily cut uniform lumber the trunk that can be used in building, sculpting and more by using a small chainsaw mill. A piece of lumber can be easily sized to frame home or shed, build a deck, bench, make garden boxes and more.
Chopping Firewood
If anyone owns a chainsaw, they no longer have to pull out the axe and get swinging; they can simply split the wood with the power of an electric or gas chainsaw.
Sculpting Foliage
A chainsaw can help with that too. Carefully sculpt foliage around the property, trim bushes down to the desired size.