Garden Axe Local (Kulhari)

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Product by Pakistan
Product Name Garden Axe Local
Product Size 30 inches
Applicable Wood, Trees, hew bushes, split firewood etc



Applicable Wood, Trees, hew bushes, split firewood etc
Type Local Tool for Gardener
Length 30″ with handle
Tool Width 125 mm
Design Traditional design.
Handle Long Firm Wooden
Material High Steel- (Kamani)
Entire Metal Frame Rust-proof, sturdy, easy to clean.


Axes are specifically designed for felling trees and chopping logs of wood. The head of a felling axe will weigh between two and four pounds, and sit at the end of a long handle. This long handle enables the user to produce a more powerful swing with greater leverage, making for a better cut. Traditionally the handles are made from hickory wood, which is strong. The grain of the hickory should follow the handle lengthways and curve along with it, for superior strength.

The blade of a felling axe has a flared shape and a sharp and thin tip. These are designed to cut against the grain of the wood, so when felling a tree, it should be swung sideways at the tree trunk. Felling axes are excellent for their intended use of felling small trees and branches, and they chop well; however, they are not ideal for splitting as their blades tend to get stuck in the wood.