Rotary Mowers Vs Cylinder Mowers

Cylinder mowers are the obvious choice (better for the grass. Says agronomists)

Do you want an area of ‘cut grass’ or a’ real lawn’ ?? It’s your decision If you just want your grass cutting, you may decide on a rotary machine, but if you want a beautifully presented lawn, you should choose an Green city cylinder mower. High quality, more healthy, with higher density and of course more green,luxury grade lawns and sports surfaces are mown with cylinder mowers. Their superior & very close cut, levelness of finish and production of strong stripes makes them the obvious choice.

Reel Mowers. Generally, the reel mowers are more efficient than rotary or flail mowers. The scissors action of the reel mower not only cuts better but requires less power, consequently consuming less fuel. At the same mowing speed, reel mowers will use up to 50 percent less fuel per acre of cut grass than rotary mowers. The number of blades per reel also affects the quality of cut, and impacts fuel-consumption. For example, a five-bladed reel will use 8 to 12 percent less power and fuel than a six-bladed reel. However, determining the quality of cut for a given area which in this case is primarily a function of the height of cut, is the responsibility of the turfgrass manager. It is up to him to decide whether the economy achieved by raising the height of cut and using fewer blades will produce the quality of turf required.


Precision cutting: In brief, between the difference is like a scissors and knife, just imagine how easy it is with scissors. Rotary mowers rely on a high speed rotating blade to cut the grass like a machete but A cylinder mower cuts using a series of sharp spiral rotating blades. The rotating cylinder traps the blades of grass between its spinning blades and a stationary bottom blade, producing a precision, scissor-like cutting action.

Quality stripes: All quality cylinder mowers have substantial front and rear rollers. The grass is mown and then immediately rolled firmly to create a strong, clear stripe.

Prevents scalping: The front and rear rollers of a cylinder mower run close to the point at which the grass is cut. This allows very low heights of cut to be achieved accurately without scalping.

No wheel marks: On expansive lawns, cylinder mower applies an even downward pressure as it moves across the lawn’s surface, leaving no wheel marks while minimising compaction.

Grass box access: A cylinder mower’s grass box is located at the front of the machine. The contents are always visible so you know how much grass is being cut, how well the mower is cutting and whether you have the capacity to make another run across the lawn.


But If your lawn is quite bumpy and not like a flat uniform or contains rough long grass and stones then you should avoid a cylinder mower as they will not handle these types of lawns very well.


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