Pole Chain Saw Electirc-Senix CSPE7.5

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Product by GERMANY
Chain Saw Type 750 watt, 8″, 70 to 100 inch long
Applicable High Branches, Long trees etc
Gross Weight 3.7 Kg
Packing Dimensions 68X6X4 Inch
Packing Way One Piece Carton



Applicable High Branches, Trees etc
Motor 750 watt
Head Movement 30 Degree
Rated Voltages 220 Volts
Rated Frequency 50 hz
No Load Speed 5600 RPM
Chain Speed 11 m/s
Chain Bar 08”
Chain Pitch 3/8”
Chain Guage 0.050”
Over All Length Adjustable 70” to 100″
Oil tank Capacity 60cm3
FD Grade Oil 1:25
Noise level: 86 dB
Vibration level: 1.64 m/s² K=1.5 m/s2
Start method Electric Cable 2.5mm
Accessories Chain, Chain Bar, Guard, Tool kit, etc


As the name indicates a pole saw is basically a saw that has been attached at the end of a sturdy pole. While this saw isn’t as big as the conventional saws it is powerful enough to allow, you trim and prune your trees easily. Normally, pole saws are powered by electricity, gas, or batteries. We also have manual pole saws but these require some experience and muscles to operate.

Just like the regular saws, most pole saws are powered by an engine. This means there are moving parts involved. The sharp blade is strong enough to cut tree branches, shrubs, and vines. With this saw, you can cut, prune, fell, and trim trees that are up to 14 feet tall. Another great feature of these poles is that you don’t have to use a ladder. They are lightweight and the pole extends to reach high branches without having to climb. With that being said, let us look at some of the main benefits of using a pole saw as to using a regular saw.

The Advantages

With that being said, it is time to dig deeper and analyze some of the benefits that come with these handy tools. Meanwhile, you can check the reviews of the best models at iwoodcutters.com

Img source: sharpen-up.com
  1. Enable you to reach high branches without using a ladder

While you may use a chainsaw to prune your trees, you will need a ladder to take you high enough to reach the branches. As you probably know, standing on a ladder can be quite perilous especially when using a power machine. The best thing about the pole saw is that it has a telescoping pole that lets you reach high without using a ladder. The long pole enables you to prune the tree easily while standing on the ground. This boosts your overall safety and lets you do the task quickly.

  1. They come with an adjustable telescoping pole

As mentioned, a pole saw has a long telescoping pole that is adjustable. This means you can vary its length to reach branches and vines on different height. Before using the pole, you simply need to measure how high the tree branches are and adjust the pole to the required length.

  1. It includes a Guide Bar

Img source: mengarden.com

Unlike using a ladder, which is hard to determine the right height when using a chainsaw, a pole saw comes with a guide bar. Actually, when using a ladder you may need to use a measuring tape or estimate the height, which is quite stressful. However, most of the pole saws come with a guide bar that enables you to measure the height and adjust the pole accordingly.

  1. Practical and easy to use

As mentioned earlier, these pole saws are powered by an inbuilt powerful motor. The motor is powered by gas, battery, or electricity. With a simple push of a button, this saw start up and cut thick branches with ease. Another great feature is that the motor is slim, compact, and lightweight. This makes it easy to maneuver and doesn’t obstruct your view when cutting. Moreover, the inbuilt motor is strong enough to tackle 4-5 inches branches even those for hardwood trees.

  1. Compact and lightweight

Using a heavy power tool on an elevated level is dangerous. You can easily lose your balance and fall or worse injure yourself. However, with this model, you can operate the saw conveniently on the ground. It comes with a lightweight and compact design that enables you to maneuver and control it easily. In addition, since it will not tire your arms and shoulders, you can work for longer without straining your muscles.

  1. Simple Maintenance

Img source: americanlawnmower.com

Modern pole saws are integrated with superior features that allow you to complete your task faster. They also take on challenging tasks, making them a must-have tool for landscaping. Even better, these machines require minimal maintenance, saving you time and energy. Apparently, most pole saws have a self-lubricating feature that saves you the stress involved in lubricating other saws.

  1. Fast Cutting Technology while retaining a low price

Unless you inherited a fortune from your parent or won Lotto, you would want to save your hard-earned money. What makes these saws stand out is that they tackle most tasks that you can do with a chainsaw while retaining an affordable price tag. These poles come with strong motors and an extra sharp blade that enables you to cut thick branches faster.

  1. Enhanced Flexibility and versatility

Also important, these pole saws come with a retractable or removable pole. Sometime you may not need to use the pole. For instance, when clearing shrubs or vines from your yard, you don’t have to climb high. These machines have a removable or a pole that retracts to a compact size. This enables you to use it like a chainsaw. Moreover, a retractable pole makes it easy to carry and store.