Think Before Buy Lawn Mower


Also think about what sort of budget you have to work with. This is one of the most determining factors when buying a new mower, so you know what your maximum spending limit is and can do your best to stick within that. Only you know how much you feel comfortable spending and it is always best to stick within a budget to avoid overspending. This also helps narrow down the selection available to you by eliminating those mowers that are too expensive.


                  Standard cylinder mowers are fitted with either a 5 or 6 blade unit; these are suited to the busier homeowner that can only cut their grass every week to 10 days, when the grass gets a bit long. Cylinder mowers with around 8-10 blades are paramount if you wish to turn your garden into more of an ornamental luxury lawn. The 10-12 bladed cylinder mowers are the only option if you require the best possible finish.12 bladed cylinder uses normally in sports areas where ever required, especially in golf clubs. The number of blades that spiral around the cylinder determine the quality of the mowing finish. “The more blades the better the cut”

The width of the cylinder can vary, a wider cylinder will mean fewer trips back and forth when mowing but this must be balanced against how easy the lawn mower is to maneuver. A wider cylinder will make the machine bulkier and heavier and so turning corners will be more difficult.24 inches is the standard cutting among the users.

Self propelled cylinder mowers use a power source to propel themselves forward as well as to turn the blades. This can save the operator a lot of energy as little effort is required to maneuver the mower around the lawn. Therefore self-propelled mowers are definitely worth considering for medium to large lawns.

If Lot size:

  • Less than 2 kanal: a push mower or electric mower
  • Between a half-acre and 1 acre: a gas-powered mower
  • Between one and three acres: a riding mower, or pull behind

Key Points

In order to buy the right mower that is perfectly suited to your specific needs and budget, you need to consider a few important factors such as the area you live in and its terrain, the size of your lawn, and the type of grass and its rate of growth. You need to choose a model of mower based on the above-mentioned specifications as well as after considering other important factors such as safety, performance, blade adjustment, and maintenance. Some of the options available in the market include walk-behind mowers, riding mowers, corded mowers, and engine-powered mowers.

Think about the different tasks you need completed on a regular basis when mowing your lawn. You may have a lot of tight, small spaces to mow around and would therefore need a mower that allowed you to do this with the most ease and convenience. Certain mowers offer handy attachments you can connect onto the mower to help with tasks like deflector plate and grass box etc. These are all important things to consider when trying to decide on which mower is right for you.

Purchase Time


Buy before the Grass starts growing again.

Retailers are under no pressure to move new stock at the beginning of the season. Sales will typically be higher during the months that grass grows in (from February to October) as many people buy new machines and parts. In every new season manufacturer sets a new price which is mostly higher than the last summer, because the parts and labor cost is increasing by the time.

Looking at the upcoming gardening season, there is notable sale period to be aware of. The deepest discounts will come towards the end of the season; you will get the best prices in the fall after lawn mowing season is over and before the next year’s models hit the floor. Dealers are trying to get rid of their inventory, but by that time mower selection and availability may be an issue.

Shops want to move stock quickly because some companies start to manufacture the latest models, meaning that the current model’s value will decrease furthermore once the latest machines are released. There is nothing wrong with buying last year’s model if the machine is brand new, as the improvements made over a year are usually very minor and quite unnoticeable.

So, to get the best price for a new machine, decide (between November and January) what machine you want to buy and from which manufacturer. If you don’t buy before February, when grass starts to grow again, you will notice that the prices start increasing over the months afterwards.

Think and Choose


               Its summer time and that means its time to roll out the lawn mowers. Cutting grass is soothing and it can be fun if you have the right machine. However, having a bad lawn mower means struggling with the machine, heaving and pushing an unwieldy machine all over yard resulting in a haphazard yard cutting. Eventually, you curse and kick your way to the end but you still land up with a yard that looks like a garbage dump.

Whether you are buying a lawnmower for the first time or simply want to upgrade, it is always important to consider all your options and do your research to determine the right choice for your case with the help of a this guide, you can be sure you make the right choice and invest your money most wisely into the best lawn mower.


Yard Size


Consider the size of your lawn before deciding which mower to purchase. If your lawn is quite small, you can opt for a more basic, less expensive mower. On the other hand, if you have a large area of space you need to bow, the more seriously you have to invest in a mower because the more work you are going to put it to use for, you require a reliable durable, more efficient mower you can rely on, that will last you and not break down midway through your mowing. That often means spending more money in turn, but it is worth it to avoid finding yourself in over your head when you are midway through mowing your lawn and your cheap mower ends up breaking down on you.



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