Ground Rollers

 Handy Rollers

The roller is very common tool used for flattening land or breaking up large clumps of soil, especially after ploughing. Typically, rollers are pulled by engines or, prior to mechanisation, a team of mens or animals such as horses or oxen.

Flatter land makes subsequent weed control and harvesting easier and rolling can help to reduce moisture loss from cultivated soil. On grassland, rolling levels the land for mowing and compacts the soil surface. For many uses a heavy roller is used, and rollers may be weighted in different ways. Heavy rollers may consist of one or more cylinders made of thick steel, a thinner steel cylinder filled with concrete, or filled with water. A water-filled roller has the advantage that the water may be drained out for lighter use or for transport. In winter storage water must be drained.

 Cricket Pitch

Several size rollers have been used in the history of cricket; rollers are used to make pitches flat and less dangerous for batsmen and at some stages to make batting less easy. Modern “heavy roller” universally used in top-class cricket today. The aim of rolling a cricket square is to compact the pitch so that it is harder and more consistent. The harder the pitch, the less deformity will occur on ball impact, resulting in more pace and bounce. Rolling is part of good pitch preparation, not the most single source of producing great pitches.

Auto Rollers

The Auto Roller is a versatile roller suitable for all sports ground surfaces For example lawn or clay tennis courts, newly laid cricket pitches, compaction of turfs, cricket practice nets and artificial wickets. This machine has been designed with driver comfort and ease of use in mind. It is used on sports grounds for play at any standard, from preparatory schools to international cricket or tennis, Popular with cricket clubs, colleges, tennis clubs, local authorities, plant hire companies and Contractors. Also useful for anyone requiring their roller to be moved from site to site: without ballast, enables the machine to be transport within the 2 ton weight limit. Machines are powered with diesel engine. The front roller is split in the centre to minimize ground damage when changing direction. This roller has excellent visibility close to the machines perimeters to reduce the guesswork to the offside edge of the wicket, and assists parking in a confined shed.

Auto Rollers are designed to utilise hydraulic system built into the centre of the rolls. Water ballast may be used in the front and rear rollers, when fully ballasted, this machine will produce ground pressure well. Auto Rollers have a variable ballast facility to enable experimentation to establish the best requirements for the Clubs ground, every ground is unique, and rollers can be ballasted to increase the machines weight as the ground becomes firmer. Rollers have not been designed to displace equal weight on both rollers. Auto rollers usually have a square edged roll that can leave ridges along the ground especially early in the rolling season when the ground is less firm and the machine possibly too heavy.

They have complex hydraulic systems and engines for the application they are to be put too, receive an annual service by an experienced fitter to maintain them to a good standard. Hydraulic pipes should be replaced every 2 years; this is due to the high fluid pressures that these machines operate at. It is possible that you will never need to buy another grass roller because grass rollers have a very long life expectancy. Rollers are fine when working correctly, but when they fail, can be extremely expensive for replacement parts. For this reason you may as well buy the best machine you can, so get many advantages of the new roller provided by us will be you for the years ahead.

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