Mowers Benefit & Types

Handy Reel Mowers

Today as environmental pollution becomes even more serious, land becomes less available and more expensive, nature becomes far and far away from human being, a smaller green lawn to a smaller home becomes more rare. In this situation these mowers are ideal for small lawn, easy to maintain, very basic, simple and the smallest in the mowers family. They use the scissors principle, their clean quiet precise cut, trim close to objects (like trees) makes for a healthier and more attractive lawn. No fuel means no pollutant, no noise pollution as compare to other mowers.Many homeowners are drawn to the bucolic charm of this mower, as it is the standard among households since the second half of the previous century in Pk.

But still cutting grass with a manual mower is hard work as it needs the force of human, especially if the grass needs more than a 1″ haircut. Push mowers are usually not as good for mowing grass on steep inclines and declines.

Handy Rear Roller Mowers

A fantastic alternative to a corded or petrol-powered machine. No cables to worry about or No more dealing with petrol, fumes or tiresome mains cables. This Hand-Propelled Cylinder mower is the clean, eco friendly, economical and hassle-free ideal way to look after your medium lawn. The Hand Roller has premium-quality hardened steel 24 inch cutting cylinder equipped with five sharp blades and a front-positioned grass collector. While it’s heavy-duty steel rear-roller allows you to create a desirable striped finish.

But still cutting grass with this mower is hard work as it needs the force of minimum 3-4 people, and is not good for mowing grass on steep inclines and declines. It can only use where labour or men available like Army.

Corded Push Mowers

Push corded mowers are better suited for small to medium level lawns .A push lawn mower requires physical labor to drive it forward but they are lighter weight as compare to self-propelled mowers. They receive their power through a long cable that can be plugged into a standard power outlet. These products are useful, as they do not require their power source to be recharged or refueled. These mowers are also lower in price because they don’t have the self-propelling feature. Some people enjoy the exercise benefits of pushing a lawnmower.

But Hills and inclines require even more energy, and for those who either don’t want this challenge — or are physically unable to endure it — a self-propelled mower may be a better choice. The other drawback to corded models is the possibility of hitting the cord with the mower blades. It is often necessary for operators to stop and adjust the cord to keep it out of the way of the mowing path. They are inoperable during power outages.

Corded Self-Propelled Mowers

In view of the growing concern about global warming, it would be best to choose an electric mower that helps in reducing the carbon. Many users prefer this corded mower in wide area, starts at the push of a button and cleanly cuts.

Electric corded are the least expensive type of mowers to buy and maintain in self propelled family. There is no gas to buy, no oil to change and no wires to replace. The Power comes from an extension cord plugged into the nearest outlet. Today electric motors are capable of providing the same horsepower as a petrol engine (1hp = 746 watts) and maintenance on electric motor requires is far less than that required of a petrol engine. More benefits of electric mower included No pull-string start, minimal mower maintenance, lower long-term costs. The mowers do not pose the problem like choking on gas fumes, exhaust and noise like the engine powered mowers. Neighbours also benefit from a quieter mower and that’s why electric mowers are seeing a rapid growth in popularity.
But  corded electric mowers are powered by an extension cord and draw energy from an electrical outlet and have the problem of dragging a cord behind. You’ll only be able to mow in a radius, to avoid voltage drops the length of extension cord from the outlet must not be more than 100 feet, so to reach the far corners of your yard you might need to use a different outlet.


. To avoid Possibility of hitting the cord many owners just follow a simple pattern to always keep the cord on the outside that it doesn’t interfere with the mower is to cut at right angles to the line of the previous mowing. If the work has been carried in a north-south line, then the next cutting should be in an east-west direction. (Fig 2)

. Inspect the whole wire once carefully before starting the mower. If wire is damage, it must be dangerous not only for the user but also for others like pets children etc. So repair it if possible or change the wire and be sure now it will not harmful for anyone before restarting. Keep in mind that the user is responsible for accidents or hazards occurring to other people or their property.

Fuel Powered Mowers

            The advantage of choosing the fuel powered mower over other types of lawn mowers is that there are many benefits in its favor. However, even with fuel prices on the rise, fuel mowers are preferred because of its flexibility in terms of choice of mowing and efficiency in terms of time and fuel consumption. Fuel mowers are the practical choice for larger gardens, can reach every nook and corner that are far from an electrical outlet and can reach where cannot be reached with ‘ride- on’ or ‘tow- behind’ mowers. Whether the lawn is flat or a hill does not matter, without the need for an electric cable a fuel mower produces the most power and should be considered for lawns over 5000 square feet or where mowing the lawn may be difficult due to slopes ,tight spots or uneven surfaces. Don’t skimp on power as it is one of the most important factors for a good cut and easier grass mowing.Another serious factor about rising the demand of fuel mowers is an electrical short fall that’s becomes a headache and more serious day by day in PK, the home honors with small or medium yard haven’t much time to waste in their busy week. There is also no danger of running over an electrical cord by chance or tripping over it as with the electric powered mowers.

However the down side of the fuel mowers is the noise they make specially diesel mowers. You have to keep your neighbors in mind whenever you use this mower. Some areas have restrictions imposed on the use of such mowers and in some locations the usage has been banned; specific times have been set when you can use them.  Another downside is the price of fuel. Fuel prices are rising by the day and everyone is trying to cut down on the use of fuel. Maintenance cost of mower is generally more than electric models or others.According to reviews, consumers should consider the vibration created by the engine.  Since the option of speed up the cutting cylinder requires additional power, engines often create additional vibration.  The vibration can travel through handles and using the mower for an extended time can cause pain in the hands and arm.  The Green city international ensure their machines have minimal vibration from traveling through the handles.

Recoil Vs Electric start

You have two options when it comes to starting your lawn mower. Recoil start mowers are the traditional, pull-rope style. You pull a cord which turns the engine over to start the mower .Electric start mowers require no pulling to start. In fact, all you do is turn a key to get the mower running but in fact it increases the mower cost.

Golf Green Mowers

5-6 Blades are Mostly used in normal cutting, when the week is busy and you don’t have a lot of time to spent in mowing your lawn, so it is the sensible choice to choose the standard cutting blades for standard normal cutting.

Green mowers are used for the precision cutting of golf greens and have a cylinder made up of at least eight, but normally ten to twelve blades. Due to its unique design and exacting manufactured standards, the machine has a rollers before and after the cutting cylinder which smooth the freshly cut lawn and minimizes, the Mower is used by golf course professionals to help solve those “difficult” mowing problems such as soft, sensitive, or newly seeded greens, inaccessible tees, restricted or hard to cut fringes, noise sensitive areas, or simply to obtain that “final touch” “manicured” look. This high quality 12 blades machine, also designed to allow home greens owners to experience the same professional golf course quality greens care enjoyed by professionals.

Ride On Mowers

If your lawn is not over than 1/2 an acre you can get away by using an inexpensive, walk behind mower. However, seat mowers are needed when larger spaces need mowing, like parks, golf courses, or sports clubs then it could be worth the cost. Mowing the larger lawn needs a lot of patience. Seat mower helps save time cut back mowing time by 70 percent because they’re easy to handle, highly maneuverable and constantly in action. For a lawn with many obstacles, benches, flower beds etc a seat mower will be much easier to operate, easily cutting grass right up to the obstacle.

Three things to consider during the purchase are cutting width, engine size, and options. Cutting width 42-inch clears a larger area but too wide could have trouble, squeezing the mower into all the little nooks you need to reach. Another consideration is speed, with a seat mower you’ll be zipping around the yard in no time; generally get the job done significantly faster. A regular mower has a top speed of around 4mph; a seat mower around 9mph but it’s not all fun in the sun or rain.

     But some downsides to consider that, if your yard has area, slope at angles greater than 10 to 15 degrees, a riding mower isn’t a safe bet in those spots because it could roll over. But if you only have limited areas that slope steeply, you can compromise by using a walk behind mower to take care of just those vicinities. Mowing on wet terrain can also increase the chances of sliding and losing control, or lead to lawn damage because of the weight of the mower, so only mow when the lawn is sufficiently dry. Whatever you do, if you are taking your riding mower along a gentle slope or across a patch of damp grass take it easy, stay alert for trouble spots. Pollution, fuel concerns and cost, are also the factors you might take into consideration.

Rough Cutters


3 point hitch rotary cutters are the pull behind applications, easy to connect, three point hitches at the rear of your tractor are built to handle mowing large fields, and cleaning up your property or large acreage by uses the tractor PTO to turn the powerful blades. This 3 pt. hitch mower also helps to clear large areas that are too rough in the landscape or hitting stumps, saplings, rocks etc. Rotary Cutters provide excellent cutting performance on gently sloping or slightly contoured rights-of way, roadsides, pastures, set-aside-acres, or residue in row crop fields. The 5ft. cutting width, 2″ to 14″ cutting height and ability to cut weeds and brush, making them an excellent choice for state and municipal mowing application. So it is hard to find a better mower powered by a tractor PTO shaft which is easily attach and removable.

Mower is also designed and perfect for campuses, parks and golf courses, heavy commercial use, the 60″ width can swallow a lot of grass in one bite. The tapered deck allows users to get close to trees or other obstacles, provides a superb quality of cut. The rear discharge area directs debris toward the ground, this feature allows for cleaner mowing as clippings are evenly discharged close behind the mower avoiding streets, sidewalks and landscaping or where contact with loose debris may be possible such as roadsides. Cutting height adjustment is made by adjusting the gage wheels up or down by moving adjusting pins or collars. So enjoy your property by keeping it mowed down.

But Rotary Cutters however are not very good grooming mowers, they don’t go up or down with your three pt hitch and are difficult to maneuver around trees or other obstacles.Rotary type mowers have a tendency to grab and throw the objects.

Gang Mowers

The gang mower takes a great idea with the ‘traditional reel mower’ and makes it even better. It is a totally different way to mow by combining reels together in a frame. The cutting width is increased to several feet with every pass of the mower and cuts your mowing time about 80 percent by cutting 50 acres and more weekly with this gang set according to Owners report. This series makes work short out of a big job with the help of 3 – 5 -or 7 reels in a set, from almost 5 ft. to over 8ft. or the large 11ft cut, each reel has 32″ cutting width. Now you just have to see what size of tractor you are using and how many reels suits you before purchase a new gang set. They are designed to be a finish cut for the superior quality lawns and are Ideal for commercially use, sports turf and especially for golf course.

It has proven durability with a very high quality of cut, low maintenance and very cost efficient. They can give a good cut, but that all has to do with how high the grass is that you are mowing, the shorter the grass, the more groomed of a look you will get. This mower has the added benefit of giving any lawn a more manicured appearance, since each blade of grass is cut, instead of being broken off by a ‘rotary mower blade’. Reels are powered with wide drive wheels, with the patented traction frame, which creates down pressure to prevent slippage without adding weight; this feature allows cutting grass when it is still wet. If you find you would like to enlarge your mower you can increase the number of reels, Adjust cutting heights from 5/8” to 2 ¾”, ‘floating’ frames that allow for uneven terrain. Wide mowers are especially in demand where large expanses of lawn need to look their best. You will make fast work of cutting, up to 5 acres per hr, this is why the gang mower Coaches favorite for the sports fields, public parks and golf courses.

Keep in mind these machines are meant to operate at a relatively low speed (4 MPH or less); fast speeds can make the wheels slip and compromise cutting quality. Gang sets don’t play well with deep or wet grass, around obstacles and steep slopes. Sharpening costs tend to be much higher and they are not quite as good if the grass is taller.


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