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Good idea!

If you’re probably sick of the noise, the smoke and the hassles of keeping a Self-propelled mower running. Or perhaps you are interested in a more environmentally friendly mowing solution. Or maybe you just don’t have a lot of room, so you are looking for something small to meet your budget easily.

Whatever your reason, you’re making a good decision. Reel mowers are obviously light, quiet, and environmentally friendly, today as environmental pollution becomes even more serious, land becomes less available and more expensive, nature becomes far and far away from human being, a smaller green lawn to a smaller home becomes more rare. In this situation these mowers are ideal for small lawn, easy to maintain, very basic, simple and the smallest in the mowers family. They use the scissors principle, their clean quiet precise cut, trim close to objects (like trees) makes for a healthier and more attractive lawn. Many homeowners are drawn to the bucolic charm of this mower, as it is the standard among households since the second half of the previous century in Pk.


Manual push mowers are also extremely easy to maintain. No need to change spark plugs and no air filters, and no gas cans! Of course, the best reason is that they don’t blow exhaust in your face or rattle your nerves with ear-splitting noise.
But you must remember still cutting grass with a manual mower is hard work as it needs the force of human, especially if the grass needs more than a 1″ haircut, and is usually not as good for mowing grass on steep inclines and declines.

Walk Behind Mowers

Walk-behind cylinder mowers come in two basic types: push and self-propelled.  Over recent years there have been many innovations for the push mower.  For example, some manufacturers now offer ground speed controls that allow you to mow at the pace you desire.

Hand push: The one most people commonly know is a push mower, which requires the user to push a motorized blade cutter with wheels across the lawn. The reel (cylinder) lawn mower has vertical wheels along, the ‘wheels drive gears’ which rapidly spin the reel and cuts the grass. The cutting mechanism can be non-contact or contact, depending on the model. The reel mower comes in many variants and can be manual, or motorized (electric, petrol). The reel mower typically gives a very neat and even cut, but they sometimes have difficulties cutting long straws or weed. They are normally quiet, relatively cheap and easy to maintain. They are lighter, weighing 12 to 20 kg and are now available in several cutting widths 12 to 16 inches with five or six blades and 8 to 10 inch wheels. Note: According to the requirement some heavy weight roller machines can push with the help of 5 people or an animal. Cast iron gear wheels transmitted power from the rear roller to the cutting cylinder


Self propelled:  A hand push mower requires the energy of the operator in order for the mower to move from one place to another. A self-propelled mower features an engine or motor that drives the rear rollers, thus the operator only needs to steer and guide the mower, it does not require the operator’s force to move throughout the yard. While both forms of mowers produce relatively similar results, if the yard features hills or is quite large, a self propelled mower may be ideal; however, if a yard is smaller and flat, then a push mower may be sufficient.

Self propelled mowers are controlled through a clutch lever system. The operator typically pulls the lever to speed up the mower and releases to slow or stop the mower. The actual speed of a self propelled mower depends on the size of the engine. On the other side a push lawn mower only goes as fast as the operator, thus the time it takes to mow the grass is solely dependent on how swift the operator can push the mower. Self propelled mowers are typically more expensive due to the extra mechanics placed inside of it.

Ride On Mowers

In this way 3 types of mowers are most common, seat mower, lawn tractor and zero-turn mower.

 Seat mowers:  Seat mowers are popular alternative for large lawns because they’re bigger and more robust than walk-behind mower. The operator is provided with a seat and various controls on the mower and literally rides on the machine. Most use the horizontal rotating blade system, though usually with multiple blades on the front side. You should select a longer deck for large lawns, since the blade will also be longer and can cut more.

 Lawn tractor: A common form of ride-on mower is also ‘Lawn tractor’. These are usually designed to resemble a small agricultural tractor, with the cutting deck mounted amidships between the front and rear axles.

Zero turn: They are designed to cut so closely around obstacles that they nearly eliminate the need to trim. One advantage of these machines is that they pivot through 180 degrees without leaving a circle of uncut grass.

Pull Behind Mowers

These are usually in the form of an attachment to a tractor commonly mounted on the back. The attachments can be simply function by the movement of the tractor. The clippings fall back onto your lawn, providing the turf with a natural fertiliser as they decompose. You can’t pull these too fast; generally, 10 mph is the top speed for a good quality of cut. These mowers require low maintenance and give lawns a close-cut manicured look.

Two types of mowers are common in use, Gang reel mowers and rough cutters, but the flail mowers are rare in PK.


Gang reel mowers Gang reel mowers are available for commercial purposes. They are deigned to pull by tractors. 3 or 5 or 7 machines could be connected in frameEach 32 inch wide machine Interconnected by extension wings, frame and draw bar for being pulled by 25-35 HP tractorA gang reel mower provides a scissor-quality cut. You cut hours from mowing time because of the vast cutting width. Seven reel gang mowers will get the job done faster with cutting widths of 10 – 12 feet.


Rough cutters: A perfect implement for public parks are rough cutters, increasingly a very high demand by the time. The right size tractor i.e. Massey Ferguson 240with a power take off “PTO” needs to pull this rotary type 60 inch cutting machine. This implements hitch at 3 point on the rear of the tractor. Two of the hitch arms are low and some pins hook on to, the lower arms can lift up the implements, and the arms are driven by hydraulics. The upper arm hooks to the top pin at the bars that are above the unit; together the control the height of the attachment and Tractor PTO shaft link with mower. The mower has 3 blade sections and Four rubber tyres with adjustable.


Flail mower: Another impact-type cutting unit is the flail mower. The cutting unit on a flail mower consists of a number of small blades attached to a horizontal shaft. As the shaft rotates, the blades are extended by centrifugal force. Each blade becomes an independent, freely revolving, cutting unit. Thus, if the blade strikes a hard object, such as a rock or piece of metal, the blade recoils without damaging the mower or creating a dangerous projectile. The quality of cut still depends on the sharpness of the blade.

Robotic Mowers

Mostly Small robots are uses in overseas that mow the lawn on their own. It automatically visits its loading station when the battery is going low; there are also solar hybrid models. The robot covers an area within electric perimeter wires buried in the ground. Robotic mowers are quiet, safe, non-polluting, and give an even and good trim to you & are capable of maintaining up to 5 acres. Robotic lawn mowers are increasingly sophisticated, usually self-docking and contain rain sensors, nearly eliminating human interaction for mowing grass.




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